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Most biochemical processes and associated water quality in lakes depends on their flushing abilities. The main objective of this study was to investigate the transport time scale in a large floodplain lake, Poyang Lake (China). A 2D hydrodynamic model (MIKE 21) was combined with dye tracer simulations to determine residence and travel times of the lake for(More)
The biochemical processes and associated water quality in many lakes mainly depend on their transport behaviors. Most existing methodologies for investigating transport behaviors are based on physically based numerical models. The pollutant transport trajectory and residence time of Poyang Lake are thought to have important implications for the steadily(More)
We constructed a combinant landscape constructed wetland for sewage treatment based on landscape plants in this study. The results are summerized as follows: the system uses model as: A(biological pretreatment pond)-B(biochemistry pond)- C(subsurface flow wetland)-D(surface flow wetland)-E(the third level vertical-flow wetland)-F(second-level vertical-flow(More)
The Quaternary groundwater in southern Laizhou Bay was divided into four types, that is freshwater, brackish water, saline water and brine. The variation of water chemical types and componential characterization was drawn by application of correlation analysis, contour map and Piper diagram. Three major factors were extracted with principal component(More)
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