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OBJECTIVES In 2009, the Chinese government launched a national healthcare reform programme aiming to control healthcare expenditure and increase the quality of care. As part of this programme, a new drug pricing reform was initiated on 1 June 2015. The objective of this study was to describe the changing landscape of drug pricing policy in China and analyse(More)
A simple tuning strategy for PID controller design will be proposed in this paper. With the use of single neural estimator (SNE), three control gains of PID controller are not fixed during the control procedure, but will be adjusted on-line such that better output response can be achieved. In this control strategy the exact model of plant will not need to(More)
Along with the development of software industry, softwares become much more professional and field-related, which were followed by the rapidly changing requirements as well as the increasing complexity of software products. In response to this trend, people have introduced the software product line from the traditional manufacturing to support the(More)
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