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AFP from winter flounder was utilized in cryopreservation of plant cells. During cryopreservation of rice suspension cells by two-step method, AFP at 0.01 mg/ml damaged the cells extremely. The data obtained at relatively high concentration, however, decreased the variability of survival rate. During vitrification of rice cells, AFP at 0.2 mg/ml enhanced(More)
Aiming at tackling the difficulty in exactly constituting the sea surface temperature (SST) dynamical model, the paper introduces the dynamical system reconstruction idea and establishes the nonlinear dynamical model of SST field based on 1963-2010 monthly average Hadley SST data. Time coefficients series after empirical orthogonal functions decomposition(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the production of serum specific anti-denatured corneal antibody and the effects of lamellar keratoplasty on changes of corneal histopathology in different stages after alkali burns. METHODS 20 male New Zealand rabbits, with alkali burns in right eye were randomly divided into 5 groups including: burned group; 2 early lamellar(More)
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