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To develop a novel itraconazole-loaded solid dispersion without crystalline change with improved bioavailability, various itraconazole-loaded solid dispersions were prepared with water, polyvinylpyrroline, poloxamer and citric acid. The effect of carriers on aqueous solubility of itraconazole was investigated. Their physicochemical properties were(More)
To develop a novel clotrimazole-loaded poloxamer-based suppository with enhanced anti-tumor activity and alleviated hepatotoxicity, the melting point of various formulations composed of P 188 and propylene glycol were investigated. The dissolution and anti-tumor activity of clotrimazole delivered by the poloxamer-based suppository was performed.(More)
To investigate the effects of morphological characteristics of cranial base on malocclusion by analyzing characteristics of sagittal and vertical facial types of Angle’s class II division 1 malocclusion so as to provide theoretical references for clinical diagnosis and correction of early Angle’s class II division 1 malocclusion in permanent teeth. We(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a method for determination of N-isopropylaniline in the workplace atmosphere by gas chromatography. METHODS Air samples were collected by silica gel tube and desorbed by acetone. Then they were separated through DB-WAX columns and N-isopropylaniline was determined by flame ionization detector. RESULTS The concentration of(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the reparative and reconstructive methods for the large bone defect due to the excision of bone tumor. METHODS According to the size and shape of the bone defect, we selected the proper bone and joint or manipulated bone segment of the profound hypothermia freezing allograft and gave locked intramedullary nails or steel plate and screws(More)
To improve the oral bioavailability of poorly water-soluble ibuprofen with poloxamer and menthol, the effects of menthol and poloxamer 188 on the aqueous solubility of ibuprofen were investigated. The dissolution and pharmacokinetic study of ibuprofen delivered by the ibuprofen-loaded preparations composed of poloxamer 188 and menthol were then performed.(More)
In nickel electrolyte, Ag(I) was present at trace level concentration (10-20 mg L(-1)) and existed in the form of AgCli(1-i) coordination anion, instead of Ag(+) positive ion usually in several sources. In the present study, TSC-NH3-OCS adsorbent based on natural corn stalk modified by ammonia (NH3)-thiosemicarbazide (TSC) was synthesized and characterized(More)
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