Jing-Fung Lin

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A technique is proposed for measuring the linear birefringence and linear diattenuation of an optical sample using a polarimeter. In the proposed approach, the principal axis angle (alpha), phase retardance (beta), diattenuation axis angle (thetad), and diattenuation (D) are derived using an analytical model based on the Mueller matrix formulation and the(More)
A polarimeter based on Stokes-Mueller formalism and rotating-wave-plate Stokes polarimeter is successfully developed to measure the optical rotation angle in a chiral medium. The average relative error in the measured rotation angles of glucose solutions with concentrations ranging from 0 to 1.2g/dl is determined to be 3.78%. The correlation coefficient(More)
A novel technique is presented for obtaining concurrent measurements of the linear and circular birefringence properties of an optical sample by using a rotating-wave-plate Stokes polarimeter to extract the 2x2 central elements of the corresponding Mueller matrix via two linearly polarized probe lights. For a compound sample comprising a half-wave plate in(More)
This paper presents preventive security-constrained optimal power flow (PSCOPF) with hybrid genetic-ant colony optimization (HGACO) is presented The PSCOPF can be divided into three steps involving security analysis, severest event selection, and preventive algorithm. First, Novel security analysis will be conducted before fault occurred in the system by(More)
This study demonstrates a new method for simultaneously measuring both the angle of the principal axis and the phase retardation of the linear birefringence in optical materials. We used a circular common-path interferometer (polariscope) as the basic structure modulated by an electro-optic (EO) modulator. An algorithm was developed to simultaneously(More)
In the present work we studied the fabrication of ferroelectric film as PLZT by the sol-gel technique, and the birefringence optical property induced by the external voltage is measured by the electro-optic modulated heterodyne interferometer. The seeding layer as PT is deposited on the ITO glass substrate before the deposition of PLZT film. After the(More)
A novel polariscope with electro-optic modulation that is capable of simultaneous measurement of the principal axis and the phase retardation of an optical linear birefringent medium by means of two phase-locked extractions is described. A phase compensator is used to suppress the transmission phase-retardation effect of the beam splitter, thereby enhancing(More)
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