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Reversed version of a generalized Aczél’s inequality and its application
In this paper, we give a reversed version of a generalized Aczél’s inequality which is due to Wu and Debnath. As an application, an integral type of the reversed version of the Aczél-Vasić-PečarićExpand
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Properties of generalized sharp Hölder's inequalities
Hölder’s inequality and its various refinements are playing very important in mathematical analysis. In this paper, we give some new properties of generalized sharp Hölder’s inequalities. MathematicsExpand
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Improvements of generalized Hölder's inequalities and their applications
In this paper, we present some new improvements of generalized Hölder’s inequalities, and then we obtain a new refinement of Minkowski inequality. Moreover, the obtained results are used to improveExpand
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An Additive-Consistency- and Consensus-Based Approach for Uncertain Group Decision Making With Linguistic Preference Relations
Linguistic preference relations (LPRs) can indicate the decision makers (DMs)’ qualitative pairwise judgments regarding a set of alternatives in uncertain multicriteria decision-making problems. Expand
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An effective identification method for speaker recognition based on PCA and double VQ
In this paper, a speaker recognition method is proposed, which takes advantage of that PCA classifier is simple and double VQ is Real-time response. Expand
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Monotonicity and inequalities for the gamma function
In this paper, by using the monotonicity rule for the ratio of two Laplace transforms, we prove that the function x↦124x(lnΓ(x+1/2)−xlnx+x−ln2π)+1−1207x2$$ x\mapsto \frac{1}{24x ( \ln \Gamma ( x+1/2Expand
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Moment Estimation Inequalities Based on Random Variable on Sugeno Measure Space
The definitions and properties of moment of random variable are provided on Sugeno measure space. Then some important moment estimation inequalities based on random variable are presented and proven.
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Sharp bounds for the ratio of two zeta functions
In this paper, the authors prove that the function x ↦ 1 2 x ζ x − 2 is strictly increasing on 1 , ∞ for fixed p ≥ 1 . Expand
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Monotonicity and sharp inequalities related to gamma function
In this paper, we investigate the monotonicity pattern of the function x → lnΓ(x+1) ln (x2 +a)− ln (x+a) on (0,1) for a 1 and resolve an open problem. From which we prove that the double inequality (Expand
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A comparison theorem for two divided differences and applications to special functions
Abstract In this paper, we present a general comparison theorem for two divided differences of a three times differentiable function. This gives a unified treatment for (logarithmically) completeExpand
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