Jing-Fen Zhang

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This paper describes the pFind 2.0 software package for peptide and protein identification via tandem mass spectrometry. Firstly, the most important feature of pFind 2.0 is that it offers a modularized and customized platform for third parties to test and compare their algorithms. The developers can create their own modules following the open application(More)
Determining the monoisotopic peak of a precursor is a first step in interpreting mass spectra, which is basic but non-trivial. The reason is that in the isolation window of a precursor, other peaks interfere with the determination of the monoisotopic peak, leading to wrong mass-to-charge ratio or charge state. Here we propose a method, named pParse, to(More)
In this study, we present a preprocessing method for quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) tandem mass spectra to increase the accuracy of database searching for peptide (protein) identification. Based on the natural isotopic information inherent in tandem mass spectra, we construct a decision tree after feature selection to classify the noise and ion peaks in(More)
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