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Practical defenses against pollution attacks in intra-flow network coding for wireless mesh networks
Recent studies show that network coding can provide significant benefits to network protocols, such as increased throughput, reduced network congestion, higher reliability, and lower powerExpand
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Association of Suboptimal Health Status and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Urban Chinese Workers
Suboptimal health status (SHS) has become a new public health challenge in urban China. Despite indications that SHS may be associated with progression or development of chronic diseases such asExpand
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Secure group communication in wireless mesh networks
Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) have emerged as a promising technology that offers low-cost community wireless services. The community-oriented nature of WMNs facilitates group applications, such asExpand
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GDF11 Protects against Endothelial Injury and Reduces Atherosclerotic Lesion Formation in Apolipoprotein E-Null Mice.
  • Wen Mei, G. Xiang, +6 authors Min Liu
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Molecular therapy : the journal of the American…
  • 9 August 2016
Growth differentiation factor 11 (GDF11) reduces cardiac hypertrophy, improves cerebral vasculature and enhances neurogenesis in ageing mice. Higher growth differentiation factor 11/8 (GDF11/8) isExpand
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Analysis of Flavonoids from Leaves of Cultivated Lycium barbarum L.
  • Jing Dong, D. Lu, Y Wang
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Plant foods for human nutrition
  • 5 August 2009
Leaves of Lycium barbarum are widely used as medicine vegetables and functional tea in China. The main flavonoids present in the leaves were separated and identified by high performance liquidExpand
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A label-free electrochemical impedance immunosensor based on AuNPs/PAMAM-MWCNT-Chi nanocomposite modified glassy carbon electrode for detection of Salmonella typhimurium in milk.
A sensitive and stable label-free electrochemical impedance immunosensor for the detection of Salmonella typhimurium was developed by immobilising anti-Salmonella antibodies onto the goldExpand
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Deep tissue flowmetry based on diffuse speckle contrast analysis.
Diffuse correlation spectroscopy (DCS) is an emerging modality for noninvasive deep tissue blood flow monitoring that is becoming increasingly popular; it conducts an autocorrelation analysis of fastExpand
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Solvation and rotational dynamics of coumarin 153 in ionic liquids: comparisons to conventional solvents.
Steady-state and time-resolved emission spectroscopy with 25 ps resolution are used to measure equilibrium and dynamic aspects of the solvation of coumarin 153 (C153) in a diverse collection of 21Expand
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Preparation of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane-based hybrid monolith by ring-opening polymerization and post-functionalization via thiol-ene click reaction.
A polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) hybrid monolith was simply prepared by using octaglycidyldimethylsilyl POSS (POSS-epoxy) and cystamine dihydrochloride as monomers via ring-openingExpand
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Low-rank and sparse matrix decomposition via the truncated nuclear norm and a sparse regularizer
Recovering the low-rank and sparse components from a given matrix is a challenging problem that has many real applications. This paper proposes a novel algorithm to address this problem byExpand
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