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A growing body of works address automated mining of biochemical knowledge from digital repositories of scientific literature, such as MEDLINE. Some of these works use abstracts as the unit of text from which to extract facts. Others use sentences for this purpose, while still others use phrases. Here we compare abstracts, sentences, and phrases in MEDLINE(More)
The use of plant disease resistance (R) genes in breeding programs needs an understanding of their variation patterns. In our current study, we investigated the polymorphisms of 44 NBS-LRR class R-genes among 21 rice cultivars and 14 wild rice populations. Our data suggested that there were four basic types of variations: conserved, diversified,(More)
Nucleotide binding site (NBS)–leucine-rich repeat (LRR) genes belong to the largest class of disease-resistance gene super groups in plants, and their intra- or interspecies nucleotide variations have been studied extensively to understand their evolution and function. However, little is known about the evolutionary patterns of their copy numbers in related(More)
Rho kinase (ROCK) may play an important role in regulating biological events of cells, including proliferation, differentiation and survival/death. Blockade of ROCK promotes axonal regeneration and neuron survival in vivo and in vitro, thereby exhibiting potential clinical applications in spinal cord damage and stroke. Our previous studies have demonstrated(More)
Many natural language processing approaches at various complexity levels have been reported for extracting biochemical interactions from MEDLINE. While some algorithms using simple template matching are unable to deal with the complex syntactic structures, others exploiting sophisticated parsing techniques are hindered by greater computational cost. This(More)
Interleukin 17A (IL-17A) is implicated in the pathogenesis of several neuroimmunologic diseases. We aimed to evaluate the relationship between IL-17A and seizure severity in patients with epilepsy. Seventy patients with probable symptomatic epilepsy and 68 healthy controls were included. Interictal serum IL-17A and related cytokine (IL-23, IL-6, IL-1β,(More)
An understanding of the variation pattern in disease resistance (R) genes is essential for its use in breeding programs aimed at neutralizing the threat of pathogens. Although the variation between populations is well known, there is little research about R-gene variation patterns within populations. Here, we investigate the polymorphism at three R-gene(More)
The Information Warehouse at the Ohio State University Medical Center is a comprehensive repository of business, clinical, and research data from various source systems. Data collected here is a valuable resource that facilitates both translational research and personalized healthcare. The use of such data in research is governed by federal privacy(More)
Contaminants in urban soils can directly pose significant human health risks through oral ingestion, particle inhalation, and dermal contact, especially for children in public parks. Both non-carcinogenic and carcinogenic risks of heavy metals (Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni, Pb, and Zn) were characterized in 40 surface soils (exposed lawns) from 14 urban parks in(More)