Jing Chi

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—The paper proposes a Waiting-time Dependent Increasing rate Adapted Backoff (WDIA) algorithm to improve the contention efficiency in the IEEE 802.16e (OFDMA). A contention model is first proposed to analyze the frame-based behavior of contention resolution in 802.16e network. We introduce the concept of reduced overlapping between back-off windows of(More)
Apoptosis plays an important role in the pathogenesis of viral infections. In this study, we investigated the cell death processes during productive HHV-6A infection and the underlying mechanisms. Annexin V-PI staining and electron microscopy indicated that HHV-6A is a strong inducer of apoptosis. HHV-6A infection decreased mitochondrial transmembrane(More)
BACKGROUND Human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) is a T-lymphtropic and neurotropic virus that can infect various types of cells. Sequential studies reported that apoptosis of glia and neurons induced by HHV-6 might act a potential trigger for some central nervous system (CNS) diseases. HHV-6 is involved in the pathogenesis of encephalitis, multiple sclerosis (MS)(More)
We propose a novel algorithm for the high-resolution modeling of dynamic 3D facial expressions from a sequence of unstructured face point clouds captured at video rate. The algorithm can reconstruct not only the global facial deformations caused by muscular movements, but also the expressional details generated by local skin deformations. Our algorithm(More)
Cloud computing is a promising solution to provide the resource scalability dynamically. In order to support large scale workflow applications, we present Nuts-LSWAP which is implementation for Cloud workflow. Then, a novel Min-cost with delay scheduling algorithm is presented in this paper. We also focuses on the global scheduling including genetic(More)
In this study, we demonstrate that infection of HSB-2 cells with human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) resulted in the accumulation of infected cells in the G2/M phase of the cell cycle. Analysis of various cell-cycle-regulatory proteins indicated that the levels of cyclins A2, B1, and E1 were increased in HHV-6-infected cells, but there was no difference in cyclin(More)
Estrogen inhibits food intake in cycling females in a variety of species. To determine how the development of the anorexic system by estrogen is regulated, rat pups at four developmental stages, postnatal day 11 (P11)-13, P20-22, P25-27 and P29-31, and adult ovariectomized (OVX) rats received a daily subcutaneous injection of 20 µg/kg of estradiol benzoate(More)
Peanuts transformed with the synthetic cry8Ea1 gene flanked by MARs are a potentially effective control strategy against white grubs. Cry8Ea1 protein levels of the construct containing MARs were increased by 2.5 times. White grubs are now recognized as the most important pests of peanut worldwide. A synthetic cry8Ea1 gene, which was toxic to Holotrichia(More)