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Origin of scaling behavior of protein packing density: A sequential Monte Carlo study of compact long chain polymers
Single domain proteins are thought to be tightly packed. The introduction of voids by mutations is often regarded as destabilizing. In this study we show that packing density for single domainExpand
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Empirical potential function for simplified protein models: Combining contact and local sequence–structure descriptors
An effective potential function is critical for protein structure prediction and folding simulation. Simplified protein models such as those requiring only Cα or backbone atoms are attractive becauseExpand
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Importance of chirality and reduced flexibility of protein side chains: a study with square and tetrahedral lattice models.
Side chains of amino acid residues are the determining factor that distinguishes proteins from other unstable chain polymers. In simple models they are often represented implicitly (e.g., by spinExpand
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Statistical geometry of packing defects of lattice chain polymer from enumeration and sequential Monte Carlo method
Voids exist in proteins as packing defects and are often associated with protein functions. We study the statistical geometry of voids in two-dimensional lattice chain polymers. We define voids asExpand
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Phase conjugation of BaTiO3:Ce by backward stimulated photorefractive scattering
We present a self‐pumped phase conjugator (SPPC) based on backward stimulated photorefractive scattering in a BaTiO3:Ce crystal in air without any external seed beam. Stable reflectivities of as muchExpand
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Alloy disorder scattering limited mobility of two-dimensional electron gas in the quaternary AlInGaN/GaN heterojunctions
Abstract Nitride heterojunction field effect transistors (HFETs) with quaternary AlInGaN barrier layers have achieved remarkable successes in recent years based on highly improved mobility of theExpand
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What Is the Transfer Mechanism of Photoexcited Charge Carriers for g-C3N4/TiO2 Heterojunction Photocatalysts? Verification of the Relative p–n Junction Theory
Investigation of photoexcited charge transfer mechanism has always been one of the hotspots of photocatalysis field. In our recent studies, the relative p-n junction was proposed as a new concept, ...
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Particle size dependence of proton conduction in a cationic lanthanum phosphonate MOF.
A lanthanum(iii) metal-organic framework, PCMOF21-AcO [La2(H2L)1.5(AcO)3·(H2O)5.59], with a 3-D network linked by dicationic bis(dimethylphosphonato)bipiperidinium units and both coordinated and freeExpand
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Numerical investigation of transient vortices and turbulent flow behaviour in centrifugal pump operating in reverse mode as turbine
Abstract Operation of pump in reverse mode as turbines (PAT) can be useful in producing inexpensive energy for rural settlements in developing counties. Nonetheless, the optimal connection betweenExpand
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