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Recent studies reveal that circular RNAs (circRNAs) are a novel class of abundant, stable and ubiquitous noncoding RNA molecules in animals. Comprehensive detection of circRNAs from high-throughput transcriptome data is an initial and crucial step to study their biogenesis and function. Here, we present a novel chiastic clipping signal-based algorithm,(More)
BACKGROUND A G > C polymorphism (rs2910164) which is located in the sequence of miR-146a precursor, results in a change from a G:U pair to a C:U mismatch in its stem region. To explore whether rs2910164 plays any role in prostate cancer (CaP), we analyzed the association between miR-146a polymorphism and risk of CaP and the expression of miR-146a with(More)
JIN-FENG WANG*{, XIN-HU LI{, GEORGE CHRISTAKOS§, YI-LAN LIAO{, TIN ZHANG", XUE GU" and XIAO-YING ZHENG** {Institute of Geographic Sciences & Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101, China {Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiamen 361003, China §Department of Geography, San Diego State University,(More)
Timely reporting, effective analyses and rapid distribution of surveillance data can assist in detecting the aberration of disease occurrence and further facilitate a timely response. In China, a new nationwide web-based automated system for outbreak detection and rapid response was developed in 2008. The China Infectious Disease Automated-alert and(More)
Compared with traditional algorithms for long metagenomic sequence classification, characterizing microorganisms' taxonomic and functional abundance based on tens of millions of very short reads are much more challenging. We describe an efficient composition and phylogeny-based algorithm [Metagenome Composition Vector (MetaCV)] to classify very short(More)
The air quality in Beijing, especially its PM2.5 level, has become of increasing public concern because of its importance and sensitivity related to health risks. A set of monitored PM2.5 data from 31 stations, released for the first time by the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, covering 37 days during autumn 2012, was processed using spatial(More)
BACKGROUND Shanxi Province has historically reported a high prevalence of NTDs. In order to establish baseline rates for NTDs and discuss the risk factors associated with sociodemographic, maternal characteristics, and geographic factors, we performed the present study using an approach combining population and hospital-based methodologies. METHODS We(More)
Although attempts have been made to reveal the relationships between bacteria and human health, little is known about the species and function of the microbial community associated with oral diseases. In this study, we report the sequencing of 16 metagenomic samples collected from dental swabs and plaques representing four periodontal states. Insights into(More)
BACKGROUND The Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (HFMD) is the most common infectious disease in China, its total incidence being around 500,000~1,000,000 cases per year. The composite space-time disease variation is the result of underlining attribute mechanisms that could provide clues about the physiologic and demographic determinants of disease transmission and(More)
Archaea contain a variety of chromatin proteins consistent with the evolution of different genome packaging mechanisms. Among the two main kingdoms in the Archaea, Euryarchaeota synthesize histone homologs, whereas Crenarchaeota have not been shown to possess a chromatin protein conserved at the kingdom level. We report the identification of Cren7, a novel(More)