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Soybean C2H2-Type Zinc Finger Protein GmZFP3 with Conserved QALGGH Motif Negatively Regulates Drought Responses in Transgenic Arabidopsis
Plant response to environmental stresses is regulated by a complicated network of regulatory and functional genes. In this study, we isolated the putative stress-associated gene GmZFP3 (a C2H2-typeExpand
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A Novel Soybean Intrinsic Protein Gene, GmTIP2;3, Involved in Responding to Osmotic Stress
Water is essential for plant growth and development. Water deficiency leads to loss of yield and decreased crop quality. To understand water transport mechanisms in plants, we cloned andExpand
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A Measurement Study of Bitcoin Lightning Network
As a promising method to enable fast and scalable Bitcoin transactions, Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) has experienced rapid development since the end of 2017. LN utilizes the so-called "paymentExpand
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Study on the Development Strategy of Physical Education in Regional Campus
Regional cooperation is an effective way to realize balanced and sustainable development of campus physical education. The exploration on the development strategy of physical education in regionalExpand
Study on the Value of Yunnan Maca in Sports Nutrition
Through the scientific analysis of the nutrition data of the plant Maca the paper do the research into value of Maca in the sport nutrition, The research indicafes the sport player take the Maca inExpand
Optimization of quercetin extraction method in Dendrobium officinale by response surface methodology
Ultrasonic-assisted extraction of quercetin from Dendrobium officinale was optimized by response surface methodology (RSM) using high-performance liquid chromatography as a separative method. BasedExpand
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