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Over the past few years, many architectures have been proposed for the future Internet. Nevertheless, such new schemes usually require existing systems to migrate to their proposed namespaces, which may compromise the adoption of new technologies. In addition, we note that most existing networked systems have their own namespaces, but inter-operation among(More)
In the past couple of years, various information-centric networking (ICN) architectures have been proposed to address the existing problems of the current Internet, each of which from a different perspective. Thus, it becomes critical to deploy and interoperate different ICNs on top of the same physical network infrastructure. This demo presents SD-ICN, a(More)
In the current Internet architecture, application service providers (ASPs) own users' data and social groups information, which made a handful of ASP companies growing bigger and bigger and denied small and medium companies from entering this business. We propose a new architecture, called Application Independent Information Infrastructure (AI3). The design(More)
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