Jindrich Volc

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A novel alcohol oxidase (AOX) has been purified from mycelial pellets of the wood-degrading basidiomycete Gloeophyllum trabeum and characterized as a homooctameric nonglycosylated protein with native and subunit molecular masses of 628 and 72.4 kDa, containing noncovalently bonded flavin adenine dinucleotide. The isolated AOX cDNA contained an open reading(More)
The presented work reports the isolation and heterologous expression of the p2ox gene encoding the flavoprotein pyranose 2-oxidase (P2Ox) from the basidiomycete Phanerochaete chrysosporium. The p2ox cDNA was inserted into the bacterial expression vector pET21a(+) and successfully expressed in Escherichia coli. We obtained active, fully flavinylated(More)
The flavin-dependent enzyme pyranose oxidase catalyses the oxidation of several pyranose sugars at position C-2. In a second reaction step, oxygen is reduced to hydrogen peroxide. POx is of interest for biocatalytic carbohydrate oxidations, yet it was found that the enzyme is rapidly inactivated under turnover conditions. We studied pyranose oxidase from(More)
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