Jindrich Vodrázka

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Digital subscriber lines such as ADSL, SHDSL and VDSL that operate over existing transmission lines are still on the top of telecommunication providerpsilas interest. Testing of these services is a part of development and educational centers that are interested in xDSL. This report is concerned with the transmission lines and their approximation through(More)
Logic programming provides a declarative framework for mod-eling and solving many combinatorial problems. Until recently, it was not competitive with state of the art planning techniques partly due to search capabilities limited to backtracking. Recent development brought more advanced search techniques to logic programming such as tabling that simplifies(More)
Passive optical networks (PONs) represent a promising solution for modern access telecommunication networks. These networks are able to meet the increasing demands on transmission rate for demanding multimedia services, while they can offer typical shared transmission speed of 1.25 or 2.5 Gbps. The major role in deploying optical distribution networks ODNs(More)
Nomystery is a simple logistic planning domain proposed for the International Planning Competition. The task is to plan loading, driving, and unloading actions for a single truck with unlimited load capacity but with limited fuel to transport packages between various locations. In this paper we show how different modeling techniques influence efficiency of(More)
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