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Many-legged maneuverability: dynamics of turning in hexapods
  • Jindřich, Full.
  • Medicine, Biology
  • The Journal of experimental biology
  • 15 June 1999
Remarkable similarities in the vertical plane of forward motion exist among diverse legged runners. The effect of differences in posture may be reflected instead in maneuverability occurring in theExpand
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Maximum single leg force production: cockroaches righting on photoelastic gelatin
Integrating studies of mechanics, neural control and isolated muscle function are possible using arthropod legs. To evaluate leg performance, we measured the ground reaction forces generated byExpand
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Genetic variation in Hieracium alpinum ( Asteraceae ) in the Krkonoše Mts ( West Sudeten Mts , Czech Republic )
Five enzyme systems (EST, LAP, PGM, SKD, 6PGDH) were studied in three populations of triploid (2n = 27) agamospermous Hieracium alpinum s. str. (H. alpinum subsp. alpinum) in the Krkonoše Mts (WestExpand
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New reduced-winged species of Mumetopia , with analysis of the relationships of this genus , Chamaebosca and allied genera ( Diptera : Anthomyzidae )
Two new high-montane species of Mumetopia Melander, 1913 with strongly reduced and narrowed wings from Andean páramo ecosystem are described and illustrated, viz M. messor sp. nov. (Ecuador) and M.Expand
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A Monte Carlo Simulation of Radiation Damage of SiC and Nb Using JA-IPU Code
MC (Monte Carlo) simulation code, JA-IPU is used to study radiation damage of SiC irradiated to spallation neutron and AmBe neutron spectra. The code is based on the major physical processes ofExpand
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Flexible Ti-Ni-N Thin Films Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering
The article reports on flexible Ti-Ni-N films which exhibit an enhanced resistance to cracking in bending. The Ti-Ni-N films were prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering using a dual magnetron.Expand
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Malach Selected aSpectS of phySical StructureS vulnerability – State-ofthe-art
The paper is to deal with the selected aspects of structures vulnerability in terms of the physical protection. It is going to specify possible risks following from a terrorist attack, define aExpand
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Thermal transformations in magnetron sputtered Al-Cu-O films
Oxide ceramics are well known to be hard materials with high chemical stability and long durability. A drawback of these materials is, however, their brittleness after passing threshold energy duringExpand
Nádraží a vodárna jsou kulturní památky Jak se měnilo Nymburské předměstí Kurzy krasobruslení na zimním stadionu
Jak se technické služby vyrovnaly s úklidem sněhu, soli a písku? Snažili jsme se reagovat na vývoj počasí. V technických službách města působím od začátku prosince minulého roku a stačil jsem seExpand