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The authors have treated: a) 48 cases of E. histolytica histolytica intestinal amoebiasis by a single dose of 35 mg/kg of secnidazole with 98 p. 100 of parasitological success; b) 122 cases of E. histolytica minuta with several procedures: a unique dose of 25 mg/kg gives no success in 16.6 p. 100 of the cases, but the same single dose during three days gets(More)
Congenital lip pits fall among the rare congenital deformities recorded. Lip pits may develop at the commissures of the lips or in the midline. A pilot study was conducted to assess the prevalence, age distribution, site and gender predilection of commissural lip pits (CLP) in a rural population from South Kerala. A total of 11,141 patients (7984 adults and(More)
Radiography plays an important role in detection of interproximal caries. The aim of study is to compare diagnostic ability of photo stimulable phosphor (PSP) with direct measurement using stereomicroscope in detecting proximal caries. Hundred proximal surfaces of 50 extracted human posterior teeth were radiographed with dental X-ray unit. The image(More)
Among 150 strains of Salmonella of various serotypes and from different origins, 64 are resistant to K2TeO3 10(-4) M. In these strains Te resistance always coded by R plasmids which are members of the H incompatibility group. This type of plasmids are very easy to detect and to identify. We suggest that resistance to Te should be examined routinely for(More)