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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Intracranial atherosclerotic stenosis (ICAS) is a common cause of stroke, but little is known about its epidemiology. We studied the prevalence of ICAS and its association with vascular risk factors using high-resolution magnetic resonance angiography in a US cardiovascular cohort. METHODS The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities(More)
Concerns persist about adverse reactions to intravenous (IV) iron. We aimed to determine the relative safety of ferumoxytol compared to other IV iron compounds. This retrospective cohort study with propensity-score matching for patients and drug doses used the Medicare 20% random sample to identify patients (1) without chronic kidney disease (non-CKD) and(More)
;Aims: Standardized mortality and hospitalization ratios (SMRs, SHRs) are used to measure dialysis facility performance in the US, with adjustment for demographics and comorbid conditions derived from the end-stage renal disease (ESRD) Medical Evidence (ME) Report. Sensitivities are low for ME-based comorbidity, and levels of under-reporting may differ(More)
This study examined defensive behaviors of Mythimna separata (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae varying in body size in response to two parasitoids varying in oviposition behavior; Microplitis mediator females sting the host with the ovipositor after climbing onto it while Meteorus pulchricornis females make the sting by standing at a close distance from the(More)
We consider a strictly regular random (k, s)-SAT problem and propose a GSRR model for generating its instances. By applying the first moment method and the asymptotic approximation of the γth coefficient for generating function f(z), where λ and γ are growing at a fixed rate, we obtain a new upper bound 2 log 2−(k+1) log 2/2+ εk for this problem, which is(More)
To estimate causal effects of vaccine on post-infection outcomes, Hudgens and Halloran (2006) defined a post-infection causal vaccine efficacy estimand VEI based on the principal stratification framework. They also derived closed forms for the maximum likelihood estimators of the causal estimand under some assumptions. Extending their research, we propose a(More)
Load balancing is one of the most important problems in the field of algorithm design. This problem is NP-hard while there exists a polynomial time approximation scheme (PTAS). In order to design an effective approximation algorithm for this problem, we introduce the concept of β-Flatness and a corresponding planarization algorithm (β_PALNM)(More)
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