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BACKGROUND Endurance exercise is known to promote a substantial effect on the energy balance in rats and humans. However, little is known about the exact mechanisms for the appetite-suppressive effects of endurance exercise. We hypothesized that endurance training might activate signaling cascades in the hypothalamus known to be involved in leptin(More)
Currently, it is unclear which index of haematological parameters could be used to most easily monitor iron deficiency during endurance training. To address this question, 16 male Wistar rats were randomly assigned to two groups: a sedentary group (n = 8) and an exercised group (n = 8). Initially, animals in the exercise group started running on a treadmill(More)
Myokines are likely to be involved in the whole-body metabolic adaptive changes that occur in response to regular exercise. We aimed to investigate the association of the two myokines (adropin and apelin) with physical performance in professional soccer players. To this purpose, we analyzed the fluctuations of circulating levels of both adropin and apelin(More)
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