Jinbin Cao

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Two-dimensional MHD simulation was performed to study the evolution of Kelvin-Helmholtz (KH) instability on Venusian ionopause in response to the strong sheared velocity flow in presence of the in-plane magnetic field parallel to the direction of the flow. The Key result from our simulations is that both of the density increase and the parallel magnetic(More)
Chorus is important in space science due to its role in generation of relativistic electrons in the Van Allen radiation belts, which are hazardous to satellites and astronauts. Although chorus has been studied for several decades and many theories have been proposed, its generation and growth mechanisms are still not well understood. In this manuscript, we(More)
Space science mission concurrent design is to meet the scientific mission requirements, optimize the spacecraft design and ultimately reaches a feasible solution for the proposed program. The information management system for space science mission concurrent design is developed to manage all design disciplinary data and support data exchange between the(More)
We report two ULF wave events associate the evolution of plasmapause. In the first event on 29 May 2007, THEMIS and LANL satellites observed strong poloidal ULF waves around plasmapause. Multi-satellite observations provide information of the temporal evolution and spatial structure of the ULF waves. It is found that the movement of plasmapause leads to(More)
Four Cluster spacecraft with inter-distance up to 127 km measured similar waves in the Earth's mid-altitude cusp region during northward IMF B<sub>z</sub> On April 13 2002. The magnetic field fluctuation spectrum resembles the classical Kolmogorov power law with the index f <sup>-1.67</sup> under the proton gyrofrequency f<sub>cp</sub> (~0.3 Hz), breaks and(More)
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