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This paper presents a linear-programming (LP) based model predictive control (MPC) algorithm to handle the utilization control in distributed real-time systems with end-to-end tasks. The LP based MPC algorithm can achieve desired CPU utilization despite some uncertainties of the system workload. And the computational advantage of LP problems makes it(More)
Union-Intersection Ant System is an optimization algorithm with multi-nest of ants cooperating with each other, whose goal is to identify the edges belonging to the solution of TSP (denoted as TSP-edge-set). It identifies a part of elements in TSP-edge-set by the intersection of several hero ants' tours (a hero ant is the one found the best tour in a nest)(More)
This paper proves that counterexample of Heawood is four-colorable by using Tait’s methods and that counterexample of Tutte is also four-colorable by using Kempe’s chains. Authors discover formation mechanism of two-level Hamilton cycle in a 3-regular plane graph. It provides a new way for the non-computer proof of four-color problem.
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