Jinbeom Kang

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Personalized information retrieval and recommendation systems have been proposed to deliver the right information to users with different interests. However, most of previous systems are using keyword frequencies as the main factor for personalization, and as a result, they could not analyze semantic relations between words. Also, previous methods often(More)
Mobile content adaptation is a technology of effectively representing the contents originally built for the desktop PC on wireless mobile devices. Previous approaches for Web content adaptation are mostly device-dependent. Also, the content transformation to suit to a smaller device is done manually. As a result, the user has difficulty in selecting(More)
As web sites are getting more complicated, the construction of web information extraction systems becomes more troublesome and time-consuming. A common theme is the difficulty in locating the segments of a page in which the target information is contained, which we call the informative blocks. This article reports on the Recognising Informative Page Blocks(More)
As the structure of a Web page is getting more complicated, the construction of wrapper induction rules becomes more difficult and time-consuming. The main problem in most wrapper induction methods is the difficulty in discriminating the meaningful blocks that contain the target information from the noise blocks that contains irrelevant information such as(More)
Recently, researchers have been actively studying on Web mining with various data in the World Wide Web. Since Web pages are generally semi-structured, which makes it difficult to identify informative blocks, techniques of content detection by removing unnecessary data (e.g. advertisements) from the Web pages become important. Generally a Web page consists(More)
Normally web sites are designed for large screen devices and hence it is not easy to browse these pages with limited user interface devices such as palm and mobile. Web page segmentation is an important technology for both search engine and web browser on mobile device. Web page segmentation is a task that breaks down the structure of web page into logical(More)
It is generally difficult for researchers to obtain information related to their own fields and novel technologies from huge data residing in the World Wide Web. Furthermore, they often try to apply them to other particular fields which are different from theirs. The main motivation of this phenomenon is to solve existing problems or improve the performance(More)