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Na/NH3 reductions have been used to dehalogenate polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons (CAHs) and pesticides at diffusion controlled rates at room temperature in model compound studies in both dry NH3 and when water was added. The rate ratio of dechlorination (aliphatic and aromatic compounds) versus reaction of the solvated(More)
The developed muscle activity imaging approach (MAI) was validated with surface EMG and intramuscular EMG signals simultaneously acquired from the biceps of a healthy male subject. 128 unipolar channels were employed for surface EMG measurement and one bipolar channel was employed for simultaneous intramuscular EMG measurement for the validation purpose.(More)
Knowledge of the innervation of pelvic floor and sphincter muscles is of great importance to understanding the pathophysiology of female pelvic floor dysfunctions. This report presents our high-density intravaginal and intrarectal electromyography (EMG) probes and a comprehensive innervation zone (IZ) imaging technique based on high-density EMG readings to(More)
OBJECTIVE To advance the motor unit number estimation (MUNE) technique using high density surface electromyography (EMG) decomposition. METHODS The K-means clustering convolution kernel compensation algorithm was employed to detect the single motor unit potentials (SMUPs) from high-density surface EMG recordings of the biceps brachii muscles in eight(More)
Objective: Accumulated clinical evidence has shown that aging is associated with deficits in the central nerve system (CNS) that leads to disruption in descending excitation. Whether this is true in pelvic floor muscles remains unclear. This study aimed to study whether there is evidence of an aging-associated decreasing descending excitation to the(More)
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