Jinan Zeng

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Vertically aligned multiwall carbon nanotubes were grown by water-assisted chemical vapor deposition on a large-area lithium tantalate pyroelectric detector. The processing parameters are nominally identical to those by which others have achieved the "world's darkest substance" on a silicon substrate. The pyroelectric detector material, though a good(More)
Materials with similar chemical compositions often exhibit different optical properties due to their structural composition. PTFE is widely used in many applications for both its mechanical and optical properties. Low density sintered PTFE has optical properties that make it desirable for use as a white diffuser in applications such as remote sensing. The(More)
An infrared (IR) optical scattering instrument for BRDF measurement has been developed at NIST with out-of-plane and retro-reflection capabilities. In this paper, a description of the BRDF instrument, its use of multi-wavelength sources (785 nm-10.6 /spl mu/m) and a retro-reflection measurement capability, and alignment techniques using a quadrant detector(More)
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