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Sparsity constraints are now very popular to regularize inverse problems in the field of applied mathematics. Structural damage identification is a typical inverse problem of structural dynamics and Structural damage is a spatial sparse phenomenon, i.e., structural damage occurs, only part of elements or substructures are damaged. In this paper, a(More)
The objective of the paper is to present a method for modal parameter identification of model structure in shaking table test by using the seismic response records. The method includes two key steps. Firstly, the adaptive on-line system identification method is adopted to investigate whether the time-varying response occurs during the process of vibration,(More)
Aimed at the practical requirement of tubular joint welds inspection of offshore platform structures, the ultrasonic phased array inspection algorithm for offshore platform structures is proposed in this paper, and the ultrasonic phased array inspection system for offshore platform structures is developed. The experiment of tubular joint model is performed(More)
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