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Production line selection is evaluated as a critical factor in enterprise resource planning (ERP). There may be dependence and feedback among factors of production line selection evaluation indices system. In this study, analytic network process (ANP) was adopted to model a multi-criteria production line selection evaluation indices system with dependence(More)
Previously, VpPR-10.1 was isolated and characterized from a cDNA library of a fungus-resistant accession of Chinese wild grape (Vitis pseudoreticulata). We found that expression of VpPR-10.1 is affected by the fungal pathogen Erysiphe necator. To investigate the biochemical basis of the nuclease activity of VpPR-10.1 and its role in antifungal resistance,(More)
Knowledge management is considered as a critical process in organizations. With the scope of this paper, 4 first-level indices and 16 second-level indices were chosen to construct a knowledge management evaluation index system on the basis of research both domestic and international on knowledge management. A new appraisal method - analytic network process(More)
This paper provided a new method to evaluate the priorities on location selection of the dry port. The factors that affect the facilities of the dry port were systematically analyzed and an evaluation model was built when considering the feed back and the relations between those factors. With the analytic Network Process, the dry port location is selected(More)
In this paper, an improved grey self-organizing map (GSOM) model is proposed and applied in the detection of deny of service (DOS) attack. For detection of the DOS attacks, this improved model can consider the relativity of the data set of DOS attacks. Finally, the experiments on the DOS data set confirm their validities and feasibilities over this improved(More)
The process of industrialization is a important indicator which can weight economic development and competitive strength. However, the traditional industry which presents some drawbacks such as poor efficiency and highly energy consuming has not been suitable for times. This point enlightens us that industrialization and informatization must be integrated.(More)
With the popularization of e-commerce in recent years, customer relationship management (CRM) has gained much attention. Many companies have initiated projects to improve on customer orientation and plan the implementation of CRM systems. Among the desired benefits are increased customer satisfaction and retention by providing personalized products and(More)
Supplier selection is a multi-criteria problem including various factors. It is increasingly becoming a strategic issue for companies in supply chains and it is usually made by multiple decision makers according to multiple criteria. Vendor selection has an important impact on the competitiveness of firms. Considering to its complexity, the work will focus(More)
There has been a little discussion and research on the process of e-Commerce implementation, especially in relation to the implementation of B2C relationships till now. Given the complexity of this process, in this paper, we try to show what we discover as a gap in the body of theory surrounding the implementation process in the extant B2C relationship(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the mechanism of pricking blood therapy (PBT) for allergic rhinitis (AR). METHODS The model rat of experimental allergic rhinitis (EAR) was established by administration of ovoglohulin and they were divided into five groups randomly: a model group, a PBT group, a TCM point application group, a beclomethasone dipropionate (BDP)(More)