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Fomitopsis incarnatus sp. nov. based on generic evaluation of Fomitopsis and Rhodofomes.
A new polypore in the genus Fomitopsis was discovered in Kangwon Province, Korea. The species was morphologically similar to Fomitopsis rosea and F. cajanderi, but the pinkish white pore surface, theExpand
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Cerrena aurantiopora sp. nov. (Polyporaceae) from eastern Asia
A new species of polypore in genus Cerrena was discovered in Kangwon Province, Korea. The resupinate basidiocarp and light orange, poroid hymenophore were sufficiently different to be distinguishedExpand
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Antibacterial potential of Antarctic lichens against human pathogenic Gram‐positive bacteria
Extracts from five Antarctic lichens (L3, Stereocaulon alpinum; L5, Ramalina terebrata; L6, Caloplaca sp.; L8, Lecanora sp.; and L17, Caloplaca regalis) were tested for antimicrobial activitiesExpand
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Antioxidant activity of polar lichens from King George Island (Antarctica)
Antioxidant agents prevent reactive oxygen species, which can cause degenerative diseases. Natural antioxidants are preferred over many synthetic antioxidants, which can be toxic, for therapeuticExpand
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Taxonomic study on Korean Aphyllophorales (5) - on some unrecorded genera and species -
A total of 149 species and 209 strains of Korean Aphyllophorales in Seoul National University Fungus Collection (SFC) were analyzed by taxonomic and phylogenetic methods. Among those examined fungalExpand
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Biological indicators to monitor responses against climate change in Korea
The most useful criteria and selection procedures of biological indicators have been developed in Korea because they have taken into account local and national concerns on biological responsesExpand
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Unrecorded Higher Fungi of the Songnisan National Park
Abstract Fresh mushrooms were collected during survey field trips to the southern areas of Songnisan National Park for 24 days from April to November in 2002. Through this investigation, a total ofExpand
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The First Report of Antrodia sitchensis (Polyporaceae, Basidiomycota) in Korea
Abstract An unrecorded Antrodia species was collected in South Korea and based on morphological characteristics, the species was identified as Antrodia sitchensis. To confirm its affinity within theExpand
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The Aphyllophorales of the Kyeryoungsan National Park
Abstract Through seven field surveys to the Kyeryoungsan National Park from July to December of the year 2001, 116 specimens of the Aphyllophorales were collected and taxonomically examined. All theExpand
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