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Extracts of the whole herb of Artemisia asiatica Nakai (Asteraceae) are used in traditional oriental medicine to treat inflammation. Eupatilin (5,7-dihydroxy-3′,4′,6-trimethoxyflavone) is one of the pharmacologically active components found in A. asiatica, and has been shown to possess anti-tumoral effects in some malignancies, including gastric cancer.(More)
BACKGROUND The major disadvantage of rocuronium is the withdrawal movement associated with its injection. The analgesic effect of perioperative gabapentin has been evaluated. We investigated the effects of gabapentin on the withdrawal movement induced by rocuronium injection. METHODS 86 ASA physical status I or II patients, aged 18-69 years who were(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the adequacy and feasibility of a tumescent solution containing lidocaine and bupivacaine for inguinal hernia repairs. METHODS The medical records of 146 consecutive inguinal hernia patients with 157 hernia repairs using the tumescent local anesthesia technique performed by a single surgeon between September 2009 and December 2013(More)
Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) in trials involving external stimulation are easily conducted under local anesthesia. However, implantation of a permanent SCS system is painful, and can be intolerable in some patients. Epidural anesthesia can be used to perform the SCS implantation without discomfort if the patient can localize the area of paresthesia.(More)
Tracheal compression by vascular anomalies in adults is uncommon and most related reports are of children. A 79-year-old woman without any respiratory history underwent a lumbar spine surgery under general anesthesia. She suddenly developed airway obstruction after a position change from supine to prone. A fiberoptic bronchoscopy showed the obstruction of(More)
PURPOSE We conducted this study to study the clinical correlation between the characteristics of gastric cancer and serum selenium and zinc levels. MATERIALS AND METHODS The following data were measured in the baseline serum selenium and zinc levels of 74 patients with curative gastrectomy subsequent to confirmed gastric cancer, from March 2005 to August(More)
PURPOSE In Korea, the entire population must enroll in the national health insurance system, and those who are classified as having a lower socioeconomic status are supported by the medical aid system. The aim of this study was to evaluate the association of the medical insurance status of gastric cancer patients with their survival after gastrectomy. (More)
PURPOSE Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is known as a major contributor of the worsening of ischemic symptoms and the foot ulceration in patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD). However, there are few studies reporting the prevalence and risk factors for PN in PAOD. This study aimed to evaluate these issues for PN and to establish the(More)
Methemoglobinemia is an uncommon but potentially fatal disorder. Most cases have no adverse clinical consequence and require no treatment, but methemoglobinemia is often overlooked as a cause of low oxygen saturation, and often mistaken for the more common causes of hypoxia by anesthesiologists despite simple bedside tests that indicate the presence of this(More)
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