Jin-qin Chen

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We used selective receptor antagonists to identify the receptors mediating the isometric contractile response to serotonin in control and phenylephrine (PHE)-precontracted rabbit femoral artery rings. Serotonin, in the absence of PHE, elicited monophasic concentration-response curves (CRCs) early, but biphasic CRCs late in the course of the study. In the(More)
OBJECTIVES The CC chemokine ligand-20 (CCL-20)/macrophage inflammatory protein-3α has been seen as one of the most important chemokines and played a key role in atherogenesis, but the mechanism that underlies the regulation of CCL-20 has not been established clearly yet. The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of salvianolic acid A (SAA) on(More)
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