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Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) have become an important tool in image processing and analysis. A PDE mode for image zooming is introduced in this paper. This model exploits a higher order nonlinear partial differential equation. The resulted nonlinear equation is solved by an explicit finite difference schemes. Numerical results on real digital(More)
The article adopts the image decomposition idea in MS (Mumford-Shah) model, and proposes a new MSWD (Mumford-Shah with Decomposition) model. Based on the model, with the piecewise constant level set method, we propose an image segmentation algorithm. The MSWD model can extract the texture (or noise) in the segmentation, and effectively avoids the influence(More)
—In this paper, combining the two existing wavelet-based multi-scale variation (WBMV) models, wavelet-based multi-scale fourth-order partial differential equation (WBMF) and wavelet-based multi-scale total variation (WBMTV), we propose the wavelet-based multi-scale combination (WBMC) model, which overcome the defects of them. Furthermore, an image(More)
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