Jin-ping Luo

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This study was carried out to examine the effect of different donor cell type and micro-manipulation on the development of reconstituted embryos. Cultured mural cumulus cells or fibroblast cells from an adult transgenic goat expressing human erythropoietin(rhEPO) were used as the donor cells in nuclear transfer experiments. The reconstituted eggs were(More)
The Heshan coal and the Wansheng coal were selected to investigate the effects of Ca/S molar ratio, combustion temperature and other factors on the desulfurization efficiency when limestone as a desulfurizer. And then the possible effects of various desufurizing systems on the mineral constituents of their residues were discussed by using the X-ray(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the mechanism of protective immunity against Schistosoma japonicum infection induced by Sj26 gene transfected dendritic cell (DC). METHODS 48 BALB/c mice were divided randomly into 4 groups with 12 each. The mice were injected through auricle for three times with Sj26 gene transfected DC (Group A), pcDNA3 transfected DC (Group B),(More)
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