Jin-ming Wang

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A multichannel short-wave near-infrared (SW-NIR) spectrometer module based on charge-coupled device (CCD) detection was designed. The design relied on a tungsten lamp enhanced by light emitting diodes, a fixed grating monochromator and a linear CCD array. The main advantages were high optical resolution and an optimized signal-to-noise ratio (0.24 nm and(More)
In order to evaluate the effect of dropping parts of coefficients in H.264 bit-stream, the distortion aroused by coefficient dropping has to be estimated accurately. In this paper, an efficient method is presented to estimate the distortion of a frame during the error propagation caused by single frame coefficient dropping of H.264 bit-stream. At first,(More)
There has been considerable focus in investigations on the delivery systems and clinical applications of bone morphogenetic protein‑2 (BMP‑2) for novel bone formation. However, current delivery systems require high levels of BMP‑2 to exert a biological function. There are several concerns in using of high levels of BMP‑2, including safety and the high cost(More)
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