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Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV), an enveloped Flavivirus with a positive-sense RNA genome, causes acute encephalitis with high mortality in humans. We used a virulent (RP-9) and an attenuated (RP-2ms) JEV strain to assess the role of autophagy in JEV infection. By monitoring the levels of lipidated LC3, we found that autophagy was induced in human NT-2(More)
Mitochondria are highly dynamic subcellular organelles participating in many signaling pathways such as antiviral innate immunity and cell death cascades. Here we found that mitochondrial fusion was impaired in dengue virus (DENV) infected cells. Two mitofusins (MFN1 and MFN2), which mediate mitochondrial fusion and participate in the proper function of(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of Shengjingbao on spermatogenesis in the mouse model of oligospermia and its action mechanisms. METHODS Sixty male mice were randomly divided into 4 groups, Shengjingbao (Group 1), Vitamin E (Group 2), blank model control (Group 3) and normal blank control (Group 4). The first three groups were treated by celiac(More)
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