Jin-ichi Kameyama

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Spinal sympathetic neurons are distributed in cord segments from Th1 to L3. High spinal cord injury demonstrates severe orthostatic hypotension, but not lower cord injury. It remains to be clarified as to where is the critical spinal level disturbing neural cardiovascular regulations in response to orthostatic stress. To address this issue, beat-to-beat(More)
We report on clinical and molecular findings in five karyotypic males (cases 1-5) and one karyotypic female (case 6) with distal 9p monosomy. Cases 1-3 and 6 had female external genitalia, case 4 showed ambiguous external genitalia, and case 5 exhibited male external genitalia with left cryptorchidism and right intrascrotal testis. Gonadal explorations at(More)
In 7 patients with ulcerative colitis, the energy level in the large intestinal mucosa was investigated. ATP and energy charge in the intestinal mucosa in ulcerative colitis showed lower levels than those of control subjects. Therefore, energy-deficit may exist in the large intestinal mucosa in ulcerative colitis.
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationships among the circadian rhythms of blood pressure, autonomic nervous function, and physical activity of patients with varying levels of spinal cord injury. DESIGN AND METHODS We studied 19 patients with spinal cord injury [10 tetraplegic patients with cervical cord injury (C4-C7), and nine paraplegic patients with(More)
Organic acids in plasma and urine of a patient with isovaleric acidemia were measured serially during a severe ketoacidotic attack. Urinary ketone bodies, lactic acid and 2-hydroxy-n-butyric acid changed in parallel with the plasma isovaleric acid concentration, which was correlated closely with the severity of the clinical symptoms. A 2-day lag was(More)
The mechanism of acute gastric ulceration in rats with obstructive jaundice was investigated in terms of the changes in the gastric mucosal energy metabolism. Rats were divided into 4 groups as follows: control, vagotomized, jaundiced, and jaundiced and vagotomized group. The water immersion and restraint procedures were performed and the ulcer index was(More)
The effect of distal gastrectomy on gut hormone release was investigated by electrical stimulation of the posterior truncal vagus in dogs. Peripheral and portal plasma gastrin release was significantly inhibited, but peripheral and portal somatostatin release was unchanged. Peripheral and portal pancreatic polypeptide (PP) release was significantly(More)
Of 114 patients with chronic pancreatitis, 19 (16.7%) has gastric or duodenal ulcers. Patients with moderate pancreatic exocrine dysfunction tended to show high acid output and low serum gastrin levels, while those with severe dysfunction had slightly lower acid output and higher serum gastrin levels. The higher the degree of pancreatic fibrosis, the higher(More)
The purpose of this study is to restore the motion of the paralyzed shoulder caused by upper motor neuron disorders using functional electrical stimulation (FES). Percutaneous wire electrodes were implanted into twelve muscles of the shoulder in six patients with stroke or cervical spinal cord injury. The motion of the paralyzed shoulder was controlled by a(More)