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A clonal selection based memetic algorithm is proposed for solving job shop scheduling problems in this paper. In the proposed algorithm, the clonal selection and the local search mechanism are designed to enhance exploration and exploitation. In the clonal selection mechanism, clonal selection, hypermutation and receptor edit theories are presented to(More)
In this paper, a corpus-based speech synthesis system KB2006 was developed using the speech database provided by Blizzard Challenge 2006. We proposed a novel unit selection method called multi-tier non-uniform unit selection in our corpus-base speech synthesis system. Non-uniform unit (NUU) in our system was defined as a unit sequences that contains one or(More)
Photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) are widely used in all-fiber, high-power lasers and supercontinuum sources. However, the splice loss between PCFs and conventional fibers limits its development. Grin fibers and coreless fibers were used as a fiber lens to achieve low-loss, high-strength splicing between PCFs and single-mode fibers (SMFs). The beam propagation(More)
Crustal rejuvenation is a key process that has shaped the characteristics of current continental structures and components in tectonic active continental regions. Geological and geochemical observations have provided insights into crustal rejuvenation, although the crustal structural fabrics have not been well constrained. Here, we present a seismic image(More)
To find an effective method for uranium(VI)adsorption, uranium(VI) ion-imprinted chitosan composite magnetic micros hers (U(VI)¨CICCMM) were synthesized using uranium(VI) as template, chitosan as functional monomer, epichlorohydrin and glutaral dehyde as cross linking agents. Magnetic chitosan micro sphers (MCM) were synthesized without U(VI)(More)
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