Jin-ding Cai

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Economic load dispatch is complex and non-linear problem, it is difficult to solve the problem using traditional optimisation method. PSO has been successfully applied to a wide range of applications, in solving continuous non-linear optimisation problems. This paper presents a novel hybrid PSO algorithm with dynamic inertial weight and chaotic search to(More)
AGC unit selection problem has been getting more attention due to economical operation of the power industry. This problem is formulated as a constrained nonlinear mixed integer programming problem with variable unit regulation capacity. Due to the problem including continuous and integral variables, it is difficult to solve the problem using integer(More)
Dielectric properties of oil-paper insulation transformer are influenced intensively by moisture; therefore, it is imperative to assess integral condition of oil-paper insulation for assuring normal operation of power transformers. As a non-destructive diagnostic technique, return voltage measurements have been introduced for the assessment of water content(More)
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