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AIM A single-chain antibody fragment, ND-1scFv, against human colorectal carcinoma was constructed and expressed in E.coli, and its biodistribution and pharmacokinetic properties were studied in mice bearing tumor. METHODS V(H) and V(L) genes were amplified from hybridoma cell IC-2, secreting monoclonal antibody ND-1, by RT-PCR, and connected by linker(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Tumor marker, such as carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), has low specificity in colorectal carcinoma diagnosis with lower value in early diagnosis of colorectal carcinoma. The previous studies showed that large external antigen (LEA) had high specificity for colorectal carcinoma tissue. This study was designed to evaluate the expression(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE It was reported that clotrimazole could inhibit the growth of tumor cell by exhausting cellular calcium. This study was designed to investigate whether clotrimazole(CLT) can induce apoptosis invitro in human colon cancer cell line CCL229. METHODS The fluorescent microscope, electron microscopes, flow cytometry and terminal(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Metalloproteinase(MMPs) is considered to be associated with the development of carcinoma, especially with the invasion and metastases of cancer. This study was designed to evaluate the relationship between the expression of MMP-2, MMP-9, and TIMP-2 and biological behavior of ovarian cancer. METHODS The expression of MMP-2, MMP-9,(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Single chain Fv(scFv) has been employed as a favorable targeting carrier in the therapy and diagnosis of tumors due to its advantages in relatively low immunogenity and stronger penetrance to tumor tissues over intact mAb. This study was designed to recombine the genes from the variable regions of light chain and heavy chain of ND-1,(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES The retinoids are potent anti-tumor drugs affecting cellular proliferation and inducing cell differetiation or apoptosis. This study was designed to investigate the anti-proliferative effect of a new-developed retinoid, Ro 40-8757, on cell structure, cell cycle and cell cycle proteins of four human cancer cell lines in vitro in order(More)
AIM:To study the expression and significance of laminin in human colorectal carcinoma.METHODS:Using the monoclonal antibody to laminin and streptavidin-peroxidase immunohistochemical method, the expression of laminin in 63 cases of human colorectal carcinoma tissues was determined.RESULTS:In normal marge intestinal mucosa adjacent to carcinoma, laminin was(More)
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