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Depth camera such as Microsoft Kinect, is much cheaper than conventional 3D scanning devices, and thus it can be acquired for everyday users easily. However, the depth data captured by Kinect over a certain distance is of extreme low quality. In this paper, we present a novel scanning system for capturing 3D full human body models by using multiple Kinects.(More)
This note further investigates the locally and globally adaptive synchronization of an uncertain complex dynamical network. Several network synchronization criteria are deduced. Especially, our hypotheses and designed adaptive controllers for network synchronization are rather simple in form. It is very useful for future practical engineering design.(More)
This paper formulates the model and then studies its dynamics of a system of linearly and diffusively coupled identical delayed neural networks (DNNs), which is generalization of delayed Hopfied neural networks (DHNNs) and delayed cellular neural networks (DCNNs). In particularly, a simple yet generic sufficient condition for global synchronization of such(More)
Molecular mechanisms underlying bone cancer pain are poorly understood. Recently, p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) activation was shown to play a major role not only in the production of proinflammatory cytokines but also in the progression of inflammatory and neuropathic pain. We have demonstrated that tactile allodynia and spontaneous pain of(More)
To improve the enzymatic hydrolytic efficiency and reduce production cost, a statistically designed experimental approach was used to optimize the composition of cellulase mixture so as to maximize the amount of glucose produced from steam-exploded corn stover (SECS). Using seven purified enzymes (cellobiohydrolases, Cel7A, Cel6A, Cel6B; endoglucanases,(More)
As processors evolve towards higher core counts, architects will develop more sophisticated memory systems to satisfy the cores' increasing thirst for memory bandwidth. Early many-core processor designs suggest that future memory systems will likely include multiple controllers and distributed cache coherence protocols. Many-core processors that expose(More)
Two tomato cDNA libraries were synthesized from poly(A)+ RNAs isolated from unwounded and wounded tomato stems. These cDNA libraries were packaged in λgt10 and screened by in situ plaque hybridization with a tomato extensin gene clone (pTom 5.10). Several cDNA clones were identified and isolated from both libraries in this manner and subjected to(More)
Bone development is dynamically regulated by homeostasis, in which a balance between adipocytes and osteoblasts is maintained. Disruption of this differentiation balance leads to various bone-related metabolic diseases, including osteoporosis. In the present study, a primate-specific microRNA (miR-637) was found to be involved in the differentiation of(More)