Jin Zheng

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Image enhancement plays an important role in image processing and analysis. Among various enhancement algorithms, Retinex-based algorithms can efficiently enhance details and have been widely adopted. Since Retinex-based algorithms regard illumination removal as a default preference and fail to limit the range of reflectance, the naturalness of non-uniform(More)
—In wireless ad hoc sensor networks, cooperation of nodes provides sensors with a broader range of information, often leading to an improvement in network's ability to meet its global objectives. However, increased communication caused by cooperation leads to a cost-quality tradeoff in the network operation. We model the cooperation based on the range of(More)
—In this paper, we focus on the data management problem of object tracking applications in wireless sensor networks. We propose link-segment storage and query protocol to track mobile object in wireless sensor network dynamically. The main idea of our protocol is to combine advantages of local storage with data centric storage methods to support the query(More)
—In this paper, we focus on the query problem of trajectory tracking of moving targets in a wireless sensor network. Our motivation is to design in-network storage and querying protocols to support queries for searching a given target signature in a low query latency, high query reliability, and energy efficient manner. We propose a target trajectory query(More)
The morphological structure of the lingual papillae and their connective tissue cores (CTC) in a rabbit were studied using LM and SEM and were compared to that of other animal species. Externally, the filiform papillae distributed on the anterior surface of the dorsal tongue were short and conical with a round base and had a flat area on their anterior(More)