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Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) outwardly appear to be indistinguishable from embryonic stem cells (ESCs). A study of gene expression profiles of mouse and human ESCs and iPSCs suggests that, while iPSCs are quite similar to their embryonic counterparts, a recurrent gene expression signature appears in iPSCs regardless of their origin or the method(More)
With the development of cognitive radio technologies, dynamic spectrum access becomes a promising approach to increase the efficiency of spectrum utilization and solve spectrum scarcity problem. Under dynamic spectrum access, unlicensed wireless users (secondary users) can dynamically access the licensed bands from legacy spectrum holders (primary users) on(More)
Dynamic documents constitute an increasing percentage of contents on the Web, and caching dynamic documents becomes an increasingly important issue that affects the scalability of the Web. In this paper, we propose the Active Cache scheme to support caching of dynamic contents at Web proxies. The scheme allows servers to supply cache applets to be attached(More)
Up to now, there are very few researches conducted on sentiment classification for Chinese documents. In order to remedy this deficiency, this paper presents an empirical study of sentiment categorization on Chinese documents. Four feature selection methods (MI, IG, CHI and DF) and five learning methods (centroid classifier, K-nearest neighbor, winnow(More)
It has been assumed, based largely on morphologic evidence, that human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) contain underdeveloped, bioenergetically inactive mitochondria. In contrast, differentiated cells harbour a branched mitochondrial network with oxidative phosphorylation as the main energy source. A role for mitochondria in hPSC bioenergetics and in cell(More)
In this paper, adaptive neural network (NN) control is investigated for a class of multiinput and multioutput (MIMO) nonlinear systems with unknown bounded disturbances in discrete-time domain. The MIMO system under study consists of several subsystems with each subsystem in strict feedback form. The inputs of the MIMO system are in triangular form. First,(More)
A simple, novel, and general method is presented in this paper for approximating the sum of independent or arbitrarily correlated lognormal random variables (RV) by a single lognormal RV. The method is also shown to be applicable for approximating the sum of lognormal-Rice and Suzuki RVs by a single lognormal RV. A sum consisting of a mixture of the above(More)
We argue that published results demonstrate that new insights into human brain function may be obscured by poor and/or limited choices in the data-processing pipeline, and review the work on performance metrics for optimizing pipelines: prediction, reproducibility, and related empirical Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve metrics. Using the NPAIRS(More)
Cooperative transmission by base stations (BSs) can significantly improve the spectral efficiency of multiuser, multicell, multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems. We show that contrary to what is often assumed in the literature, the multiuser interference in such systems is fundamentally asynchronous. Intuitively, perfect timing-advance mechanisms(More)
To characterize patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) for functional studies, we made whole-genome comparisons with originating breast cancers representative of the major intrinsic subtypes. Structural and copy number aberrations were found to be retained with high fidelity. However, at the single-nucleotide level, variable numbers of PDX-specific somatic(More)