Jin-Yong Ma

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This Letter reports new results from the MINOS experiment based on a two-year exposure to muon neutrinos from the Fermilab NuMI beam. Our data are consistent with quantum-mechanical oscillations of neutrino flavor with mass splitting |Deltam2| = (2.43+/-0.13) x 10(-3) eV2 (68% C.L.) and mixing angle sin2(2theta) > 0.90 (90% C.L.). Our data disfavor two(More)
We propose a potentially valuable scheme to measure the properties of an external time-harmonic-driving force with frequency ω via investigating its interaction with the combination of a pump field and a probe field in a generic optomechanical system. We show that the spectra of both the cavity field and output field in the configuration of optomechanically(More)
We investigate the nonlinear dynamics of a hybrid electro-optomechanical system (EOMS) that allows us to realize the controllable opto-mechanical nonlinearity by driving the microwave LC resonator with a tunable electric field. A controllable optical chaos is realized even without changing the optical pumping. The threshold and lifetime of the chaos could(More)
  • Hao Deng, Haomin Zhou, Yang Wang, Sung Ha Kang, Zhou Haomin, Not +19 others
  • 2009
To my family, and my friends iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I first want to thank my two advisors, Dr. only did they teach me mathematics, engineering and inspire my research, they also helped me navigate both life and study issues from the very first day I arrived in Georgia Tech. I also feel grateful for all the patience that they has shown with every aspect of my(More)
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