Jin-Yi Lin

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This paper proposes a low-area digitalized band-pass filter (BPF) for the DSRC Receiver. The resonance of active inductor and MOS varactor are utilized to generate band-pass filtering characteristics. To apply for different passband, both the inductance of the inductor and the capacitance of the varctor are designed to be adjusted via digital controls. Band(More)
This paper presents a new CMOS image sensor (CIS) structure and ADC design for three-dimensional (3D) integrated imagers. A modular design of CIS sub-array is proposed with new readout and control scheme. It needs only one micro-bump (µbump) per sub-array, instead of per-pixel or per-column, to release the design rule restriction of the 3D stacking(More)
  • Lu-Bing Bai, Bin Liu, +12 authors Wei Huang
  • ACS applied materials & interfaces
  • 2017
Control of the hierarchical molecular organization of polydiarylfluorenes by synthetic strategies is significant for optimizing photophysical properties as well as the performance of light-emitting devices. Herein, in order to suppress molecular aggregation and enhance luminescence efficiency, a series of steric units were introduced into(More)
Nanotechnology not only opens up the realm of nanoelectronics and nanophotonics, but also upgrades organic thin-film electronics and optoelectronics. In this review, we introduce polymer semiconductors and plastic electronics briefly, followed by various top-down and bottom-up nano approaches to organic electronics. Subsequently, we highlight the progress(More)
[4]Cyclo-9,9-dipropyl-2,7-fluorene ([4]CF) with the strain energy of 79.8 kcal/mol is synthesized in high quantum yield. Impressively, hoop-shaped [4]CF exhibits a green fluorescence emission around 512 nm offering a new explanation for the green band (g-band) in polyfluorenes. The solution-processed [4]CF-based organic light emitting diode (OLED) has also(More)