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This paper presents a new CMOS image sensor (CIS) structure and ADC design for three-dimensional (3D) integrated imagers. A modular design of CIS sub-array is proposed with new readout and control scheme. It needs only one micro-bump (µbump) per sub-array, instead of per-pixel or per-column, to release the design rule restriction of the 3D stacking(More)
Supramolecular polyfluorenol enable assembly into conjugated polymer nanoparticles (CPNs). Poly{9-[4-(octyloxy)phenyl]fluoren-9-ol-2,7-diyl} (PPFOH)-based supramolecular nanoparticles are prepared via reprecipitation. PPFOH nanoparticles with diameters ranging from 40 to 200 nm are obtained by adding different amounts of water into DMF solution.(More)
A series of fluorene-based grid molecules (so-called Grid fluorenes) have been synthesized by means of shape-supported cyclization, starting from H-shaped precursors via the alternative Friedel-Crafts reactions of fluorenols and Suzuki cross-coupling reactions with key cyclization yields up to 26%. Fluorenol approaches and nanogrids open a door to soluble(More)
Supramolecular luminescence stems from non-covalent exciton behaviors of active π-segments in supramolecular entities or aggregates via intermolecular forces. Herein, a π-conjugated oligofluorenol, containing self-complementary double hydrogen bonds, was synthesized using Suzuki coupling as a supramolecular semiconductor. Terfluorenol-based random(More)
This paper proposes a low-area digitalized band-pass filter (BPF) for the DSRC Receiver. The resonance of active inductor and MOS varactor are utilized to generate band-pass filtering characteristics. To apply for different passband, both the inductance of the inductor and the capacitance of the varctor are designed to be adjusted via digital controls. Band(More)