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Defected mitochondrial respiratory chain (RC), in addition to causing a severe ATP deficiency, often augments reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation in mitochondria (mROS) which enhances pathological conditions and diseases. Previously, we demonstrated a potent endogenously RC defect-augmented mROS associated dose-dependently with a commonly seen(More)
OBJECTIVE Tuberculosis (TB) of the head and neck is currently a reemerging infectious disease and may be a diagnostic challenge for dental care providers. The aim of the present study was to retrospectively review the clinical features of patients diagnosed with TB of the head and neck during the past 16 years. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirteen male and 7(More)
5-Enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase (EPSPS), the target enzyme for glyphosate inhibition, catalyzes an essential step in the shikimate pathway for aromatic amino acid biosynthesis. The full-length cDNA of 1,751 nucleotides (CaEPSPS, Genbank accession number: EU698030) from Convolvulus arvensis was cloned and characterized. The CaEPSPS encodes a(More)
BACKGROUND The role of radiation therapy (RT) for ameloblastoma remains controversial and undetermined due to the rarity of the disease. METHODS A case of repeatedly recurrent ameloblastoma with malignant transformation is presented. The clinical course and managements are described. RESULTS The 63-year-old man had a recurrent ameloblastoma in the left(More)
In this paper, the honey bee mating optimization (HBMO) algorithm is used to improve the detection of the concave region connected with the control points of active contour. In the traditional active contour model (ACM) method, the updating of control point is based on its local energy within a small searching window. As a result, it always results in the(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze image artifact types and occurrence frequency when using a phosphor storage plate (PSP) digital radiographic system. STUDY DESIGN A total of 15,912 scanned digital images were evaluated by 3 observers, and image artifacts were classified into: 1) operator errors; 2) scanning errors; 3) PSP plate defects. To avoid damage to the sensor(More)
A simple and rapid MEKC method was developed for the simultaneous determination of myo-inositol, scyllo-inositol, and glucose. Prior to electrophoretic separation, the nonfluorescent inositols and glucose were derivatized by N-methylisatoic anhydride at 25 degrees C for 10 min so that they could be detected by a fluorescence detector during separation. The(More)
We developed a computational method to identify NAD- and FAD-binding sites in proteins. First, we extracted from the Protein Data Bank structures of proteins that bind to at least one of these ligands. NAD-/FAD-binding residue templates were then constructed by identifying binding residues through the ligand-binding database BioLiP. The fragment(More)
The +1 order diffraction of polarization holographic gratings generated by two linear orthogonally polarized writing beams in dye-doped liquid-crystal films were increased by using two recording beams with unequal intensity. The maximum diffraction efficiency of the polarization holograms in our experimental sample can reach 23% when the intensity ratio of(More)
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