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—This paper proposes an approach to optimally synthesize quantum circuits by symbolic reachability analysis, where the primary inputs and outputs are basis binary and the internal signals can be nonbinary in a multiple-valued domain. The authors present an optimal synthesis method to minimize quantum cost and some speedup methods with nonoptimal quantum(More)
In this paper, we propose a straightforward solution to the problems of compositional parallel programming by using skeletons as the uniform mechanism for structured composition. In our approach parallel programs are constructed by composing procedures in a conventional base language using a set of high-level, pre-defined, functional, parallel computational(More)
Reversible quantum logic plays an important role in quantum computing. In this paper, we propose an approach to optimally synthesize quantum circuits by symbolic reachability analysis where the primary inputs are purely binary. we use symbolic reachability analysis, a technique most commonly used in model checking (a way of formal verification), to(More)
We introduce a graph-theoretic formalism suitable for mod-eling biochemical networks marked by combinatorial complexity, such as signal-transduction systems, in which protein-protein interactions play a prominent role. This development extends earlier work by allowing for explicit representation of the connectivity of a protein complex. Within the(More)
PURPOSE To assess the etiology of early-onset dark nucleus in high-myopic patients and its relationship with the epigenetic regulation of αA-crystallin (CRYAA). METHODS We reviewed clinical data from patients who underwent cataract surgery at our center in 2012. Lens epithelial samples were collected during capsulorhexis, whereas young lens epithelium was(More)
—Designing protocols for solving the consensus problem faces new challenges in mobile computing environments. Among others, how we can achieve message efficiency for saving resource consumption has been the focus of research. In this paper, we present the HC protocol, a message efficient consensus protocol for MANETs. We consider the widely used system(More)
The role of long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) in adult hearts is unknown; also unclear is how lncRNA modulates nucleosome remodelling. An estimated 70% of mouse genes undergo antisense transcription, including myosin heavy chain 7 (Myh7), which encodes molecular motor proteins for heart contraction. Here we identify a cluster of lncRNA transcripts from Myh7 loci(More)