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Annex Although a deep explanation of 29] is out of the scope of this paper, the following list remarks the simpliications and observations that are possible under our modeling assumptions: |The resulting "priority proole", under the modeling constraints formerly presented (no interruption handler, context switching or other run time overhead), has the(More)
The Pax-6 gene encodes a DNA-binding transcription factor essential to normal development of the mammalian eye. We have found that in the chick embryo, the Pax-6 gene is first expressed in a crescent-shaped region of future head ectoderm that adjoins the anterior margin of the early neural plate. As development proceeds, this region of Pax-6-positive(More)
This paper proposes an approach to optimally synthesize quantum circuits by symbolic reachability analysis, where the primary inputs and outputs are basis binary and the internal signals can be nonbinary in a multiple-valued domain. The authors present an optimal synthesis method to minimize quantum cost and some speedup methods with nonoptimal quantum(More)
Reversible quantum logic plays an important role in quantum computing. In this paper, we propose an approach to optimally synthesize quantum circuits by symbolic reachability analysis where the primary inputs are purely binary. we use symbolic reachability analysis, a technique most commonly used in model checking (a way of formal verification), to(More)
In this paper, we propose a straightforward solution to the problems of compositional parallel programming by using skeletons as the uniform mechanism for structured composition. In our approach parallel programs are constructed by composing procedures in a conventional base language using a set of high-level, pre-defined, functional, parallel computational(More)
Simulation and comparison of the routing protocols for network topology hold a significant position in the performance evaluation of wireless networks. This paper aims to experimentally compare and analyze the performance of four wireless network protocols in ad hoc network: AODV, DSR, DSDV, and OLSR. In the experiments, these protocols are simulated using(More)
Although the optic tectum in non-mammals and its mammalian homolog, the superior colliculus, are involved in avoidance behaviors, whether and how tectal neurons respond to an object approaching on a collision course towards the animal remain unclear. Here we show by single unit recording that there exist three classes of looming-sensitive neurons in the(More)
Prox 1 is the vertebrate homolog of Drosophila prospero, a gene known to be expressed in the lens-secreting cone cells of fly ommatidia. Chicken Prox 1 cDNAs were isolated from 14 day embryonic chicken lenses, and a complete open reading frame encoding an 83 kDa protein was elucidated. The homeodomains of chicken and mouse Prox 1 are identical at the amino(More)
PURPOSE Heterozygous defects in the highly conserved PAX6 homeobox gene are associated with aniridia, an inherited human disorder affecting several ocular structures, including the adult cornea. This work establishes the pattern of Pax-6 gene expression in the surface epithelia of the late embryonic and adult eye. METHODS Chick embryo sections and(More)