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This paper proposes an approach to optimally synthesize quantum circuits by symbolic reachability analysis, where the primary inputs and outputs are basis binary and the internal signals can be nonbinary in a multiple-valued domain. The authors present an optimal synthesis method to minimize quantum cost and some speedup methods with nonoptimal quantum(More)
LTE-Advanced extends the capabilities originally developed in LTE within the 3GPP. Carrier aggregationis the most significant, albeit complex, improvement provided by LTE-Advanced. Bandwidths from various portions of the spectrum are logically concatenated resulting in a virtual block of a much larger band, enabling increased data throughput. Additionally,(More)
The application of high-power voltage-source converters (VSCs) to multiterminal dc networks is attracting research interest. The development of VSC-based dc networks is constrained by the lack of operational experience, the immaturity of appropriate protective devices, and the lack of appropriate fault analysis techniques. VSCs are vulnerable to dc-cable(More)
We present a kinetic Monte Carlo method for simulating chemical transformations specified by reaction rules, which can be viewed as generators of chemical reactions, or equivalently, definitions of reaction classes. A rule identifies the molecular components involved in a transformation, how these components change, conditions that affect whether a(More)
Reversible quantum logic plays an important role in quantum computing. In this paper, we propose an approach to optimally synthesize quantum circuits by symbolic reachability analysis where the primary inputs are purely binary. we use symbolic reachability analysis, a technique most commonly used in model checking (a way of formal verification), to(More)
We introduce a graph-theoretic formalism suitable for modeling biochemical networks marked by combinatorial complexity, such as signal-transduction systems, in which protein-protein interactions play a prominent role. This development extends earlier work by allowing for explicit representation of the connectivity of a protein complex. Within the formalism,(More)
The multiterminal dc wind farm is a promising topology with a voltage-source inverter (VSI) connection at the onshore grid. Voltage-source converters (VSCs) are robust to ac-side fault conditions. However, they are vulnerable to dc faults on the dc side of the converter. This paper analyzes dc faults, their transients, and the resulting protection issues.(More)