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Exogenous nitric oxide improves antioxidative capacity and reduces auxin degradation in roots of Medicago truncatula seedlings under cadmium stress
The effects of nitric oxide (NO) on cadmium toxicity in Medicago truncatula seedlings were studied by investigating root growth and uptake of antioxidants, IAA and ions. Exposure to cadmium reducedExpand
Rapid in vitro multiplication and ex vitro rooting of Malus zumi (Matsumura) Rehd
Micropropagation system of Malus zumi was optimized by studying the influence of plant growth regulators and culture conditions and the survival rate of transplantation reached 88.0% when transferred to field condition. Expand
Effects of sodium nitroprusside on callus induction and shoot regeneration in micropropagated Dioscorea opposita
Results indicate that the exogenously applied NO-donor SNP alleviates browning of tuber explants by reducing H2O2 accumulation, thereby promoting a higher in vitro proliferation frequency of D. opposita. Expand
Phylogeography of Quercus glauca (Fagaceae), a dominant tree of East Asian subtropical evergreen forests, based on three chloroplast DNA interspace sequences
Haplotype spatial distribution, ENM, mismatch distribution, and neutrality tests suggest that Q. glauca in Southeast China experiences expansion, and the current distribution in region III might be shaped by southward expansion from regions I and II after last glacial maximum (LGM). Expand
Protective effects of proline against cadmium toxicity in micropropagated hyperaccumulator, Solanum nigrum L.
Analysis indicates that the improvement of cadmium tolerance caused by proline pretreatment is correlated with an increase of superoxide dismutase and catalase activity and intracellular total glutathione content. Expand
The Thlaspi caerulescens NRAMP Homologue TcNRAMP3 is Capable of Divalent Cation Transport
Results suggested that TcNRAMP3 played a role in metal cation homeostasis in plant and increased Cd sensitivity and Cd content, while it enhanced the Ni resistance and reduced Ni accumulation, indicating that T cNRAMP 3 could accumulate Cd and exclude Ni in yeast. Expand
Salt affects plant Cd-stress responses by modulating growth and Cd accumulation
It is shown that a low concentration of salt alleviates Cd-induced growth inhibition and increases Cd accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana, implying that salt enhances both Cd uptake in roots and the root-to-shoot translocation of Cd. Expand
BjDHNs Confer Heavy-metal Tolerance in Plants
Results indicated that BjDHN2/BjDHN3 enhanced the tolerance for heavy metals by reducing lipid peroxidation and maintaining membrane stability in the plants. Expand
The cation-efflux transporter BjCET2 mediates zinc and cadmium accumulation in Brassica juncea L. leaves
The results suggest that the heavy metal efflux of BjCET2 plays important roles in the metal tolerance of B. juncea and in Zn/Cd accumulation in B.juncea. Expand
The uptake diversity of soil nitrogen nutrients by main plant species in Kobresia humilis alpine meadow on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
These data show many plant species of alpine meadow may effectively utilize dissolved organic nitrogen such as amino acids, and these plants have diverse ways to uptake soil nitrogen inAlpine meadows, and partly explain why there are abundant biodiversities and how plants at alpine habitat utilize the limited soil N sources. Expand