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RNF43 is a novel tumor suppressor protein and known to be expressed in a multitude of tissue and dysregulated in cancers of these organs including ovarian and colorectal tissues. RNF43 expression has been shown to be expressed in mutated forms in several pancreatic cell lines. RNF43, by virtue of being an ubiquitin ligase, has the potential to(More)
In the present study, the Caco-2 monolayer model and a four-site rat intestinal perfusion model were used to investigate the effects of vitamin E tocopherol polyethylene glycol succinate 1000 (TPGS) on the intestinal absorption of icariside II. Icariside II was analyzed by ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC). After that its apparent permeability(More)
This paper mainly introduced a congestion management based on Open-flow to solve the problem in the traditional routing strategies. When the congestion happens, the routers cannot fully use the resource of the whole network to reroute the link in congestion in traditional routing strategies. Due to this reason, traditional strategies cannot solve the(More)
Limacon gear is a new kind of non-circular gear, and its gear set have precise transmission ratio. The principle of generating method is that tooth profile of the conjugated gears can form envelope graph to each other. Aimed at the processing problem of limacon gear set with involute tooth profile, the tooth profile equation of the gear shaping cutter was(More)
OBJECTIVE This work aimed at preparing ginsenoside compound K (GCK)-loaded liposomes modified with TPGS (GCKT-liposomes) to enhance solubility and targeting capability of GCK, as well as inhibit the efflux of GCK from tumour cells. METHODS GCKT-liposomes were prepared by the thin-film hydration method and characterized by particle size, polydispersity,(More)
Deaeration stirrer is the important equipment in the manufacturing processes of aramid fiber. The double helical-ribbon blades of the stirrer are operated in high-viscosity glue. The stiffness of Blades has a strong impact on the effect of deaeration. Usually, the analysis for the fluid-structural interaction problem is a complex problem. However, under the(More)
In this paper, a robot complex trajectory tracking method such as a straight line, curve, right-angle bend, T-junction and crossroad using T-shaped infrared sensors is studied. Sensors detecting signal are designed as T shape which is equipped an additional infrared sensor in the direction of the robot moving based on of a single row of sensors. This paper(More)
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