Jin Xin Yi

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Water is essential for all living organisms. Aquaporin proteins are the major facilitator of water transport activity through cell membranes of plants including soybean. These proteins are diverse in plants and belong to a large major intrinsic (MIP) protein family. In higher plants, MIPs are classified into five subfamilies including plasma membrane(More)
Soil salinity has very adverse effects on growth and yield of crop plants. Several salt tolerant wild accessions and cultivars are reported in soybean. Functional genomes of salt tolerant Glycine soja and a salt sensitive genotype of Glycine max were investigated to understand the mechanism of salt tolerance in soybean. For this purpose, four libraries were(More)
Involvement of calcium (Ca2+) and different calmodulin (CaM) isoforms in heat shock (HS) signal transduction in lily (Lilium longiflorum) was investigated in this study. Application of CaCl2 enhanced the thermotolerance of lily, whereas treatment with calcium ion chelator EGTA and CaM antagonist trifluoperazine (TFP) lowered the thermotolerance. Besides,(More)
A heat stress transcription factor LlHSFA1 in lily and its relationship with LlHSFA2 was investigated, and its function in enhancing thermotolerance was confirmed by analyzing transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana overexpressed LlHSFA1. A large family of heat stress transcription factors that are involved in the heat stress response in plants can induce the(More)
Organ phosphorus pesticides (OPs) were first synthesized in large quantities in the 1940's and are now widely used in China. Although OPs can degrade rapidly, they are also highly toxic. Indeed, many cases of poisoning in China, especially from vegetable sources, were attributed to the presence of OPs in large quantities. Even though the use of highly toxic(More)
This paper designs a kind of BLDC sensor less controll system for vehicle fuel pump. The control system uses 78F9222 of NEC as a core control unit, and uses the Back-EMF method to achieve the sensor less control for BLDC. The system can implement over-current protection, over voltage protection and over temperature protection. Loading test shows that the(More)
As the safety of motor vehicle is taken more and more seriously, the real-time events in the automotive electronics is more important. The control of engine and power train is the core of automotive electronics, and also the domain which demand the real-time quite seriously. This paper proposes a method which can decode the engine position signal. This(More)
While a redundant robot is still able to continue the desired task in the presence of locked joint failures, its end-effector error both at the instant of locking joint and in post-failure operations will increase obviously. This work discusses the path error of a redundant robot in fault tolerant operations for locked-joint failures. First, the analytical(More)
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