Jin-Wu Zhou

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The insulin-like growth factor-2 mRNA-binding protein 3 (IGF2BP3) is a member of a highly conserved protein family that is expressed specifically in placenta, testis and various cancers, but is hardly detectable in normal adult tissues. IGF2BP3 has important roles in RNA stabilization and translation, especially during early stages of both human and mouse(More)
The senescence accelerated mouse prone 8 (SAMP8), an animal model of Alzheimer's disease, has amyloid-β deposition in the brain. This study showed that β-secretase activity increased age-dependently in cerebral cortex of SAMP8 and SAMP8's control, SAM resistant/1 (SAMR1), and was higher in the hippocampus of SAMP8 than that of age-matched SAMR1. Cathepsin D(More)
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