Jin Wu Fan

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Jasmonates such as jasmonic acid (JA) are plant-signaling compounds that induce resistance to a broad range of herbivores. JA-dependent defenses are known to reduce the growth and survivorship of many insects. How plants coordinate fluctuating growth-defense dynamics is not well understood with regard to the role of JA in resistance to tomato root knot(More)
Molecular squares, triangles, rectangles, and related structures , consisting of transition-metal corners and difunctional ligand edges, are the synthetic focus of a substantial segment of contemporary coordination chemistry. [1±4] The attraction of these structures, which typically feature molecule-sized cavities , is their ability to function as soluble(More)
temperature thermoelectrics are Bi 2 Te 3-based bulk alloys, and their best ZT is still around 1, e.g., n-type Bi 2 Te 2.7 Se 0.3 with ZT max ≈0.9 [ 6 ] and p-type Bi 0.5 Sb 1.5 Te 3 with ZT max ≈1.2. [ 7 ] The approach of phonon engineering has limited potential for these materials as their thermal conductivity is already low and does not have much room(More)
  • L A Connal, R Vestberg, C J Hawker, G G Qiao, K E Feldman, M J Kade +22 others
  • 2009
Dramatic morphology control in the fabrication of porous polymer films, " Adv. Polymers with multiple hydrogen-bonded end groups and their blends, " Macromolecules 41, 4694 (2008) on nonplanar substrates: Flexible honeycomb films from a range of self-assembling star copolymers, " Langmuir 24, 556 (2008) " Field-directed and confined molecular assembly of(More)
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